Veronica Sauer creates paintings rich with daring color. Working from photographs to echo real life, she paints primarily in fast-drying acrylic with larger brushes, prioritizing shape, shadow, scale, and light. Impressionistic brushstrokes formulate mood, depicting emotion and expression.


In her current portrait series, Veronica's painting style and use of abstract realism offers a new perspective on iconic faces, illuminating the inner person and story behind each individual.


It is important for art to be seen in person. Enjoy an outing attending art shows at galleries, restaurants, museums, auctions or simply being surrounded by intriguing art outdoors. These are shows and locations where I present my art. - Lunds Fine Art Gallery - Madision Park Artwalk, Homestreet Bank, Park Postal, Starbucks - Ledger Square Law - Geraldine's Counter - Leavenworth Cider House - Ken's Market

Veronica Sauer creates paintings rich with daring color. Working from photographs to echo real life, she paints primarily in fast-drying acrylic with larger brushes, prioritizing shape, shadow, scale, and light. Impressionistic brushstrokes formulate mood, depicting emotion and expression. In her current portrait series, this use of abstract realism offers a new perspective on iconic faces, illuminating the inner person and story behind each individual.

 ​In university studies of art history and past travels to the art museums of Europe, Veronica was drawn to the vitality of Expressionism & Fauvism, which drench canvases with rich color contrasts. However, it was not until after a corporate career and the interruption of her active life by a sports-related accident that she followed her passion for creating her own art. Self-taught, she experimented with abstraction before her godmother suggested she try painting faces. Veronica began with a self-portrait and went on to paint people she admired, was motivated by, or for whom she was thankful. Exposure, via gallery representation, public art walks, social media, Internet apps, www.VeronicaSauer.com Web site, and multiple art shows, has fueled VSauerART private commissions and glowing reviews.

 ​American born and a dual citizen of the U.S. and Germany, Veronica Sauer lives in Seattle and has a studio near Mount Rainier. Whether portraits, wildlife, naturescapes, sports art, or abstracts, her artwork radiates energy and highlights her passion for painting.


My husband wanted this historical portrait of Teddy Roosevelt in his federal courthouse chambers. I fell in love with the Jimi Hendrix portrait. Both the likeness and realism is clearly notable but the expressive, dynamic color makes these portraits breathe. We love our choices.
Our parent company continues to acquire new apartment buildings we manage. Not only do these paintings command attention, they also are recognizable, acceptable and enjoyable for the diverse appeal of all our residents.
Residential Apartment Management
I run events and fundraising campaigns and cultivate relationships with many university donors. So many, including art council board of directors, business owners, Entrepreneurs and private families have enthusiastically commented on our paintings by VSauer.
University Director of Events & Fundraising

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